With the holiday season upon us many are reflecting specifically about the birth of Jesus. While thinking about these events there are many details that can be observed for encouragement. In Matthew 2:1-12 there are some interesting things to notice. When it comes to the coming birth of the Son of God there were many who responded to it in a noticeable way. First in that text we read of Herod. He was the governor of the region which was under Roman control. Herod was notorious in ancient history for being cruel, paranoid, and murderous.  In our text we read of him learning about the birth of the “King of the Jews” and those desiring to worship Him.  No doubt Herod felt that he should have had that title and thus deceptively asked for the location to be reported back to him “…that [he] may worship Him also” (Matthew 2:8).  He had no such desire.  When you continue to verse 16 of this chapter you see he ordered a great massacre to try and prevent the boy Jesus from living.  

The response from Herod obviously is one of pride.  It is also a response that many reflect when we try to share the good news of Jesus today.  When telling people that they have a King who should reign in their lives and who has given them commandments to follow, many respond out of pride.  They may feel that they are the only king of their own lives and therefore reject Jesus as Herod did. 

There is a second response here and it’s the most important one.  The wise men were men that saw the star which foretold the birth of the Jesus and thus went searching for Him to worship. We know very little about these men, probably for good reason.  We know these men apparently were looking for the King, saw the signs that pointed to His location, and then sought Him out with gifts.  In a similar way their actions echo the great search that many of us go through.  We know that we are not truly in control of our own lives, and seek out answers to the important questions in life.  As the wise men found the Lord and bowed before Him as ruler, we too submit ourselves to our Lord and seek to do His bidding.   

When we are reflecting on the birth of Jesus this holiday season, also be reminded of the responses from the rest of the world to His Lordship.  May God bless us as we serve Him.