We live in an age of content.  We are flooded with media on television, radio, the internet, our phones…EVERYWHERE!  In an environment where we have so much information and entertainment at our disposal, there is an opportunity for the word of God.  When someone is lost and looking for the truth, they no doubt will reach out through social media, internet searches, local church websites and other digital sources to gather information.  I’m afraid that with this new generation, the days of someone just stopping by the church building for worship may, for the most part, be behind us.  It’s just too easy to passively search and evaluate a religion or it’s institution through the digital content available. 


Think about it.  In the last decade, when you have travelled to a different city for a vacation or a business trip,  did you just stop by a building on Sunday morning or did you do some kind of online reconnaissance to determine if that congregation was sound? The majority of people would admit (especially those of a younger generation) that they searched online to even begin to find a place to worship.


Well why bring this up? With the cultural and social norm to be so concerned with digital content, we need to use this tool to reach out for Christ.  If we are being searched for on the internet, we need to make sure the information that is found is true, updated, and relevant to those that are looking.  We know that many denominations have very modern and very interesting content available online and if the church is not at least able to compete with those group, we are doing a disservice to the truth.  The old saying about evangelism across the world is “While error is spreading around the world, the truth is just starting to lace up its boots.”  When it comes to digital content as well, we are always playing catch-up.


Let’s be mindful of this and resolve to help reach out through our social media posts, our digital communication, and any other means we have available to use this content for the glory of God.  Also we can help by supporting and sharing others who produce digital content full of truth.  A simple “share” or “like” or “comment” means that the creator of that content knows people are reading or listening to the content and appreciate the work that is being done.  Speaking of which, thank you for reading this post.  I hope the work that I have done has been encouraging and helpful to you.