I love the Psalms.  I have often chosen a Psalm to evaluate in my public preaching, and love to study their words.  For today’s consideration I would like to look at Psalm 12 and see the beauty of what is written within it.  The following is Psalm 12 from the the English Standard Version (ESV):

To the choirmaster: according to The Sheminith. A Psalm of David.

“Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone;
for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man.
Everyone utters lies to his neighbor;
with flattering lips and a double heart they speak.

May the Lord cut off all flattering lips,
the tongue that makes great boasts,
those who say, “With our tongue we will prevail,
our lips are with us; who is master over us?”

“Because the poor are plundered, because the needy groan,
 I will now arise,” says the Lord;
“I will place him in the safety for which he longs.”

The words of the Lord are pure words,
like silver refined in a furnace on the ground,
purified seven times.

You, O Lord, will keep them;
you will guard us from this generation forever.
On every side the wicked prowl,
as vileness is exalted among the children of man”

(emphasis added by me)

I love the sentiment of this Psalm.  It is a rejection of men that plunder the needy, while boasting out of their own arrogance.  At the same time we see the One who really is in control, God, rising to bring deliverance to those that are oppressed and justice to the oppressors.  The Bible is full of sayings like this.  We need to be reminded that we are not in control of our lives, and stay humble.  If not, God will correct our thinking in due time.  Praise be to Him who is truly able to save us!