So Madeline has been in this world now for almost four whole months.  I have personally grown so much as a person from having her that is unbelievable.  Melissa and I were married for 9 years before deciding to have children, and I thought I had a pretty good understanding of life and love…nope.  Unless you have children of your own, there’s just no way to explain what it feels like.  So in this article, I briefly want to share some things I’ve learned so far.  

Babies that sleep through the night are a little special gift from God.  The first two months were rough.  I was getting “decent” sleep but it was never longer than two hours at a time.  I have friends that have had it much rougher than me, but still, it was challenging.  So when Maddie began to sleep through the night it was a special little miracle that made us so happy.  We get to enjoy her more throughout the day not being utterly exhausted and she gets the sleep she needs as well.

Also, every challenge that we faced in the beginning is completely worth it just to see her smile and laugh when she first sees us in the morning.  It’s amazing to see your little baby see you, recognize you, and then have such an expression of joy and love run across their little toothless smiles.  It’s the best.  

Also, time management and planning are essential life skills.  Melissa and I are already very organized and planned people, but now we have the ability to know exactly how many diapers, outfits, bibs, etc. to bring with us for however long we are going to be away from our home.  

Finally for this little article, to know that our God relates His relationship to us like a Father/Child relationship is so amazing.  I see Maddie’s little problems and cries breaks my heart sometimes, but I know she's okay and I will do everything in my power to make her smile again.  For me to feel that way about my child, I can’t even imagine the kind of love and care that our God has for all of us.  What a wonderful way to teach us of His love, to have children of our own.  

So those are some things I’ve learned along the way so far, and I’m told there are many more lessons.  I can’t wait.